Sheriff Jeff Boyd at work for the Taxpayer at ALL times.

County Seeks Sales Tax Hike – Boyd speaks out about displacement of these dollars to other areas, essentially not delivering a net increase to the Sheriff’s Office budget for public safety services. The public needs to know, this tax is not going to the Sheriff’s Office budget.

What price public safety? RI, Henry counties seek sales tax hikes for sheriffs. March 10, 2014

Sheriff Jeff Boyd – an active board member of Braking Traffik, supporting the community. The $5,000 grant monies came from drug forfeiture funds. Sheriff Jeff Boyd’s newly developed agency, ACE –Aggressive Criminal Enforcement, made up of experienced and talented covert Sheriff’s deputies, helped make this grant possible through their drug forfeiture activities.

Anti-sex trafficking group receives $5,000. March 12, 2014

Sheriff Jeff Boyd opposed to tax.

Public Safety Taxes Voted Down. March 18, 2014

Sheriff Jeff Boyd on the proposed tax.

Editorial: New RICO sales tax? Bad idea, terrible timing. September 23, 2013

Sheriff Jeff Boyd comments on concealed carry.

Applicants for concealed carry permits may overload system. January 14, 2014

Sheriff Jeff Boyd on drunk driving. This is about being responsible and doing the right thing. Do not put your life or other innocent lives at risk driving drunk.

R.I. County Sheriff’s Office cracking down on drunk drivers. December 23, 2013

Officials deem warrant sweep a success. July 3, 2013

Letter to the Editor – Grateful for Boyd as Neighbor and RICO Sheriff. April 7, 2014